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Created: 18 Mar 2015

Modified: 06 Mar 2017

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Hello. My name is Nino. I once studied physics, but now I’m becoming a software engineer. I spend a lot of time thinking about effective altruism, rationality, typography, and the fact that I want to ride a hot-air balloon and/or go sky diving someday. I am often fascinated by human emotions and relationships and psychological psychology things. Lately I’ve been especially interested in introspection (like in this blog post series and materials referenced therein).

I made this website to practice my writing skills because I thought that might be fun and/or useful. Sometimes I don’t post a lot of stuff because I’m afraid of being wrong or looking stupid. I try not to let this anxiety control me because

I used to often hesitate to ask dumb questions, to publicly try skills I was likely to be bad at, or to visibly/loudly put forward my best guesses in areas where others knew more than me.

I was also frustrated with this hesitation, because I could feel it hampering my skill growth. (source)


Instead of cringing you can think “wow, I made a lot of progress since”. It did the trick for me, but well, YMMV. (source)

I’m currently working on that big blog post. You know, the long one that will be really good.

If you want to talk to me about how awesome hugs are1, you can reach me on Skype (nino.annighoefer), Facebook, or email (you can also use this email address for Google Hangouts or whatever). I also have Telegram, if that’s something you’re into.

The easiest way to schedule a chat with me is by using Calendly:

  1. Other topics work as well.