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Experience Poverty

19 Apr 2015

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By now many of you will have heard of Experience Poverty, which is similar to those charity marathons or bike rides where you do something and other people give you money for it, except the money doesn’t go to you, but to a charity. For this particular event, the participants spend less than $2.50/day (the amount that half of the world has to live with all the time) on food for three days and the money goes to the Deworm the World Initiative, one of GiveWell’s top rated charities. Deworm the World works with governments to organize school-based deworming programs, which allows many children to be healthier, attend school more, and eventually get better jobs and have one less thing to worry about in their lives. You can find more information about what they do and GiveWell’s evaluation of their work here and here.

Now, I will be participating, so if you want to make the world a slightly better place, I’d be delighted if you could consider donating to my fundraiser. To make this even more exciting, I will be doing the special “challenge mode” where, instead of $2.50 I attempt to live off less than €1.50 during the three days. This is about as much as the international poverty line.

The event will be from April 22 until April 24, so if you want to donate, don’t hesitate, before it’s too late!