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The Last Old Man’s Ghost Colony War Brigades

18 Aug 2014

253 words

My fanfiction/review-type-thing of the first 3 Old Man’s War books.


Old Man’s War

In the beginning there was that annoying guy, but then he died, and the rest was just lots of explosions and it was really exciting.

The Ghost Brigades

“But it’s not what Jared wanted, is it?” Sagan said. “He knew his consciousness had been recorded. He could have asked me to try to save it. He didn’t.”

Then they decide to do it anyway, and Jared says, “Thank goodness you revived me. Between all the exploding things and people dying I totally forgot that my consciousness had been recorded. I thought I would have to sacrifice myself, but this is so much better!”

The Last Colony

So John talks to General Rybicki, and he’s like,

“And because you didn’t survey this planet well enough to know it has its own goddamned intelligent species, seven of my colonists have died in the last three days.”

And then the General should have said, “Oh, yea, we noticed they were here, but then we kinda forgot about them; that’s why we didn’t tell you.”

And then John should have said, “Oh, well, we’ll just forget about them, too, then,” because after that the only other occasion this comes up is when John asks Gau what he’s going to do with them and Gau says, “Meh, dunno,” and then forgets about it as well.

Other than that the books were pretty entertaining, though.